Accomplishments Overview

This page lists projects, publications, presentations, and other achievements the I have been involved with. Feel free to browse the various social links available (LinkedIn, GitHub, Google Scholar) to get a rough idea.

Business and Data Science / AI Leadership achievements

Owned the Peak AI Application lifecycle

Helped scale a business from ten to hundreds

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Outreach

Awards, Media, and key Presentations

News and Media


Variety of Industry awards, including:

Events, Presentations, and Conferences

Projects and Use Cases

AI Use Cases

I have been responsible for the delivery of AI and Data Science implementations for 80+ businesses. Many are covered by customer confidentiality, or NDAs, but high level details are shared here.

Sales and Marketing Use Cases

Inventory Use Cases

Pricing Use Cases

Generative AI Use Cases

Strategy Support

Industry Partner Collaborations

Open Source Software

Research and Academic Collaboration

Academic Funding, Collaborations, and Teaching

Academic Publications

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